Google has given a best tool to check our websites to know the details and status of your website. It shows only the organic search data. When Google crawls your website, it stores the information in database. Google Webmaster Tool also stores the control data in the form of organic search, links, Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and security issues. 

    For example, when user search for our website, google stores all the data about general organic searches in webmaster tools. We can check how many of your pages are indexed, how many pages are accessible in mobile without errors. If your website has spam or virus it gives the alert message or notification to us. We can also check the links i.e., internal links and external links. Also check the Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt.

  1. Google Webmaster tools ( Search Console ) is a free tool from Google and works as a diagnostic center for your website.
  2. Sections : a) Messages b) Search Appearance c) Search Traffic d) Google Index e) Crawl f) Security Issues g) Web Tools.
    • Messages – In this section, you see all the messages that were sent to you by Google regarding your website.
    • Search Appearance– In this section you can specify your data should be displayed in the results. Includes : Structured data, Rich Cards, Data Highlighter, HTML Improvements, and Accelerated Mobile Pages.
    • Search Traffic– This is the important section, where you can see various statistics related to your websites. Includes : Search Analytics, Links To Your Websites, Internal Links, Manual Action, International Targeting and Mobile Usability.
    • Google Index– In this section, you can see the index status of your Website, Blocked Resources, and you can also submit url removal requests.
    • Crawl– In this section, you see all the data about Google crawls of your websites. Includes : Crawl Errors, Crawl Stats, Fetch as Google, Robots.txt Tester, XML sitemaps and URLs.
    • Security Issues– Google displays security issues related to your website.
    • Web Tools– You can see the options like Structured Data testing tool, Structured Data Markup Helper and Email Markup Tester.

After downloading Google Webmaster tool, we should add the property (should add our website) to the webmaster tool, so that we can see the status of our website. On dashboard, we can see the certain elements like overview, search results, coverage, sitemap, enhancement, security & manual actions, links and etc..

As the above shown, whenever we add our website to Google Webmaster Tool it would be show as this. We see certain options like overview, performance, coverage, sitemaps and etc.. in the dashboard. 

Search Results : We can check the actual searches like organic search and impressions of pages, we can check the data by country wise result as well as results in types of devices, search appearance (videos, web light results, rich results).

Coverage : We can check the data like how many pages are there, security issues, valid and warnings of the pages.

Sitemap : In sitemap, Google webmaster tool doesn’t take automatic result, we should do manual by giving the url.Mobile Usability/ Speed : In this section, it shows the overall details of desktop speed and mobile speed of page.

Conclusion :

    Google webmaster tool is a tool where we get the complete details of our website to boost up our website, by finding security issues, warnings, errors and all.