Introduction :

    Before going to the topic of website audit, we need a small introduction. Audit means examining the particular product or system or problem to get good solutions. Website audit is also like examining the existing website to know good rank where it stands.

Definition :

    Website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affect websites’s visibility in search engines. This standard method gives a complete insight into any website, overall traffic and individual pages. Website audit is a process for auditing the website to make your web page rank god on search engine and also to give a good user experience.

    Website audit is the first step in SEO process. If you  are working on an existing website, you need to audit the current status of the website, to know webpage rank where it stands. You can do it by using tools like SemRush, UberSuggest.

    Website audit and competitive research are the first of SEO process. Website audit can do on existing website whereas competitive research can do on any website like new page also.

Website Audit Procedure :

For following procedure you  need to collect the information from tools like SemRush or Uber Suggest. For example,

After collecting the information, we need to set audit for website.

S.noWebsite AuditToolsDescription
1.Organic visitors per monthUber SuggestNatural traffic of website
2.Keywords ranking on first pageUber SuggestNumber of Keywords ranking on first page
3.Backlinks / linking documentUber suggestReferencing links from another website. We can see this in uber suggest.
4.Website ErrorsUber suggestPage errors
5.Page speedUber suggest We can see the page loading time  on desktop and mobile
6.On page elementsSearch the elements in the site source codeWe can fetch the elements from source code
7.Site structure, number of pagesScreaming frogFlat/ well structure, number of pages on website
8.Length of the contentScreaming frog
10. Domain authority smallseotools/ seovoewtools/Moz
11.Page authority smallseotools
12.Moz Ranksmallseotools
13. Content freshness, consistency and availability of blog
Based on the frequency of the blog position
14.Social sharing options
Options along with number of shares should be visible on site
15.Duplication contentUber suggest
16.Experience and responsiveness

17.Check for
18.Check for
19.Check for SSL

20.Facebook fans/post frequency

21.Twitter followers/ post frequency

22.Youtube subscribers / videos

23.Instagram followers/ post frequency

24.Linkedin page followers/ post frequency

For On page elements, we need to check in source code.

On Page Elements :
1.Focus keywordThink like userIdentify the probable keywordsCheck on the page and find the repeating words/phrases.
3. Description 





Keyword density

Keyword proximity

Keyword prominence