If you are reading this article means you are interested in Social Media Marketing. First, I wanna talk about the media. Media means it is communication between one another for sending and receiving information. Social Media means communication between one another through social media platforms or media by a group of people where people share the information.


Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc as a part of Digital Marketing Strategy to promote your brand, product or business. It is considered as one of the best marketing strategies of the current digital era.

Characteristics of Traditional Media and Social Media :

Traditional MediaSocial Media
One – way Communication
Many way Communication
  • Social Media is likely to result in the conversation of as much as 70% of the audience into customers.
  • 95%  of the people in the age range of 18-34 usually follow a brand on its social media channels.
  • The Engagement rate on Instagram is 58 times more than that of Facebook and 120 times that of Twitter.
  • 77% of social media users rely on brands with social media presence.

Social Media Key Terms :

1. Content :

Content is whatever you are posting, it can be a Facebook status, On Instagram, Twitter, on Pinterest and so on. Content comes in different forms and you need to custom-tailor it to each platform.

2. Engagement :

Engagement refers to people interacting with the content that you produce on your page. It can be in the form of like, comment, or a share, reactions.


Shares refers to the number of times your content will be reposted on their social media. More Shares, More people love your content.

4. Hashtags :

Hashtags refers to the keyword or a phrase with the symbol “#” (Hashtag) term to describe their content and make it more discoverable. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all use the Hashtags to describe the content.

How to Create a Social Media Post ?

To Create a Social Media Post, we need a concept. In Social Media Marketing, creating a social media post is a very important tactic. The following are some of them.

  • Identify the Concept.
  • Prepare Image or Video.
  • Add about 50-100 words of Content.
  • Add Call to Actions
  • Add Hashtags.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Here, we have major advantages for Social Media Marketing. These days, Maximum people are connecting through social media and using several social media accounts. Some of the advantages are increasing in traffic and search rankings, an increase in lead generation and more. The following are some of the advantages

1. Connects Emotionally :

Social Media allows users to engage with and share the content, which increases brand awareness. When your brand engagement increases, it gets a better social media audience that relates to your content easily and connects emotionally with your brand.

2. Increase in Traffic and Search Rankings :

    If your post is more shared, then you get higher search rankings which increase traffic. If you provide your social media audience with relevant content then you can get a better position and ranking in the search engine results page.

3. Increase Lead Generation :

Social Media Marketing helps to increase lead generation. 61% of Marketers use social media to increase lead generation. Social Media Marketing helps attract prospective leads who might be interested in your brand and is also responsible for the conversion of leads to customers.

4. Invisible Audience :

Social Media Marketing creates a pathway for greater promotion of your brand, which allows many viewers. The content which you share in social media may become viral.

Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social Media Marketing implements tactics that help in providing customers a better experience from your brand. Following are some of the important tactics in social media marketing :

  • Quotes – Post the Quotes which are relevant to your brand.
  • Company Insights – On your social media channel, talk about your brand, the people associated with it, the work that is done, an insider’s view of the company and so on.
  • Contests and Giveaways – In this tactic, Both Your Brand and your audience are beneficial. When you contest on your social media, your audience gets to participate and win the stuff, while your business gets bigger and better exposure and more people are aware of your brand.
  • Q&As – The best way to communicate with your audience is to answer their queries and give them a clear picture of your brand and its ideas.
  • Useful Content – In this, you can share relevant content that is related to the fashion industry and even share insights, videos, and quotes from other renowned personalities.

Major Social Media Channels :

Here, we have some of the major social media channels where we can easily expose our brand and maximum people connected through these channels.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • Snapchat 
  • Youtube 
  • Linkedin 
  • Pinterest 

Conclusion :

Social Media Marketing is a very important module in Digital Marketing. By Social Media Marketing, we can easily expose our business by creating a brand and others. By this marketing technique, we can connect to the audience in an easy manner.